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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daily Dose of Handmade CHALLENGE

We challenge you to be creative!  Starting today, we are opening up a handmade challenge to all readers and crafting enthusiasts!

DDH Badge for your Blog!The Daily Dose of Handmade Challenges YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REUSE RECYCLE RE-PURPOSE - The First DDH Crafting Challenge!

Here are the rules for entry:
1. Only one entry per person/shop.
2. Create a work of art from any recycled, re-purposed items.  Any and all media is welcome!!!
3. Send a picture and description of your item to
4. Submissions are due by July 1.
5. Winners will be selected by our readers!!!  All entries will be posted for an open vote.

Winner will receive this amazing basket of crafting items (pictured below) from the Daily Dose of Handmade Team!!!  Donating shops: JEDStudio, CatchingWavesbonitabellita


  1. How fun! I'm definitely giving this a shot.

  2. How exciting. I will see if I can have it done by July 1st. I already have a project in mind..

  3. We cannot wait to see your creations!!!

    1. Yeah.. mine has been long overdue.. My hubby calls this dress "the table cloth" - so it is time for a change... LOL

  4. What a great challenge!! I'm in for sure :)))

  5. Great challenge! I have to look for something I can repurpose!

  6. And... July 1st is here... Mine is not done yet. Too much Bridal Shower work this weekend.. I will just have to do it on my own anyway. I will show it to you anyway once it is done. Hopefully this week. xo