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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daily Dose of Handmade - 5 April

Howdy DDH gang!  Boy do we have some wonderful feature stores today!  It is time to shop specials presented just for you, up to 30% off.  Choose from handmade bags and accessories from Daisylanedesign, witty and just plain funny magnets and buttons from Pithitude, or sweet scrabble tile jewelry from TheWickedShop. Remember Mother's Day is right around the corner (hint, hint).

1. DaisyLaneDesign - Storewide coupon DailyDose15 for 15% off!
2. TamaraKraft/Pithitude - Storewide coupon DailyDoseDeal1 for 25% off
AND flat $2 shipping!
3. TheWickedShop - storewide coupon WickedDailyDose for 30% off!

Happy shopping DDH fans!  Do not forget to enter our latest giveaway from cJoyOriginals.

Hugs, Julie and Cylene


  1. Ok, the Pithitude buttons are hysterical! Thanks for finding these!

  2. RESERVED FREE GIVEAWAY on Daily Dose of Handmade by cJoyOriginals @etsy #fashion #myetsy #hhwy #etsy #etsybot #boebot #etsymade @whimsybags

    Tweeted to my everybody! Hope you get LOts of sales (and hope I win the giveaway!

  3. I liked your Etsy shop, (already subscribe to the blog, of course) and am following you on FB! ;)

    Left a comment on your page there, but I love the new Spring blue and green pendant with the double strand of blue and green beads! Pretty.........

  4. WickedShop -- Wicked indeed! I've been eyeing these for some time for the kiddos especially. The cute kitty on the scrabble tile!?!? My eldest daughter will go crazy for it. Looking for a parrot for the other one. Gotta see if you have a parrot. I know -- random, -- but she loves parrots! like they need more stuff -- ahme -- no......but....) And now I'm going to have to order!! Heading to your shop pronto! xoxo :)

  5. This blog has such an awesome collection of shops to browse, I love bringing my coffee and looking through them all!
    Lol, Lesley! A Parrot! Thank You very much for the order!

    Happy Easter!