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Friday, November 30, 2012

DDH Gift Holiday Gift Guide #2 - CJoyOriginals, WFBNH, and Eclectic Nesting

In effort to help readers get to know our Gift Guide Shops better, we asked them  a few Holiday related questions. Please tell us some of your favorite traditions!


What is your favorite holiday food?

CHRISTMAS COOKIES! I particularly love Spritz cookies and cut-out sugar cookies!  I have wonderful memories of my mom making delicious Christmas cookies every year.  Now, I use many of her recipes and make them myself, and I love to give them away to others.  Spritz cookies take lots of time and energy to make, but they are the best!  It's all I can do to not eat all of them myself.  And there is a special sugar cookie recipe that I grew up with and they are fun to make and decorate......and then EAT!

What is your favorite gift to give at the holidays?

I love to find what someone's favorite thing is, or if they collect something in particular, and then have fun with that.  I have a sister who collects angels, another one who loves snowmen, and one who LOVES the Minnesota Vikings.  It's fun to find new and special things that they can add to their collections!

What is the current best seller in your shop?

My best sellers are my multi-chain necklaces and my charm necklaces, particularly the ones that I make with charms hanging from oversizedlobster clasps.

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Wild Flowers Boutique NH

What is your favorite holiday food?
We make traditional Italian anise cookies for Christmas every year, and they are amazing with a hot cup of tea.

What is your favorite gift to give at the holidays?
My favorite part of holiday gift giving doesn't have to do with a specific type of gift, per se. The best part of giving gifts, at the holidays or any day, is seeing how even the smallest gesture can bring joy to someone's life.

What is the current best seller in your shop?
Stretch headbands are definitely my most sold item.


What is your favorite holiday food?
I love Chanukah's potato latkes...who doesn't love fried potatoes?

What is your favorite gift to give at the holidays?
I usually only give handmade, recycled, or vintage gifts--I like to give people things that are unique and they would never ordinarily buy for themselves.

What is the current best seller in your shop?
Vintage items are my current best shop sellers, as there are so many wonderful handmade jewelry makers to choose from on Etsy sometimes it takes a while for someone to find one of my pieces.

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