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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DDH Holiday Gift Guide #2 - Esse Jewels and Candie Ink

In effort to help readers get to know our Gift Guide Shops better, we asked them a few Holiday related questions. Please tell us some of your favorite traditions!

Esse Jewels

What is your favorite holiday food?
All the was back to my childhood it's been marshmallow fudge. Cannot get enough of it! Thank goodness I can't make it! My cooking skills are at boiling an egg level.

What is your favorite gift to give at the holidays?
Something I know a person really wants or loves, but would never buy for themselves.
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Candie Ink

What is your favorite holiday food?
I love to make gingerbread cookies using my grandmother's recipe and my mom's chocolate caramel if I can get ahold of the special ingredients :)

What is your favorite gift to give at the holidays?
I love to give something that they didn't ask for but is thrilled to get just because it is perfect for them and what they need. I really like to give something that they can use and appreciate. Sometimes it is clothes and sometimes it is a decorative piece it all depends on where they are in their life. And as icing on the cake - if it is handmade it is beyond perfect.

What is the current best seller in your shop?
My currently most sold items are my Save the date cards. Something I never thought when I started. But that is why it is so great to be an artist and so connected with your customers.

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  1. Loved reading this! I don't know what marshmallow fudge is but it sounds heavenly. :)
    Also, thanks for the discount codes!

  2. Very nice features! Love your choices :)