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Monday, November 12, 2012

DDH Holiday Gift Guide #1 - Twiggy and Opal, Bonita Bellita

In effort to help readers get to know our Gift Guide Shops better, we asked them a few Holiday related questions. Please tell us some of your favorite traditions!

Twiggy and Opal

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
My favorite holiday tradition has always been wrapping presents! I love to find the perfect (to me) wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and tags every year. Plus, its exciting to wrap up special gift in a special way for loved ones!

What is your favorite gift to give at the holidays?
One of my favorite gifts to give at the holidays is...socks! Seriously! Its always a mission of mine to find a funky but functional pair of socks for my family. I'm sure they are 'thrilled' that year after year they get to see what I came up with this time!

What is the current best selling item in your shop?  The current best seller in my shop is my baby blankets. I am so excited everytime I get an order for one, because I know that they are unique, will be wrapped around a beautiful new bundle of joy and will last for many, many years.

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Bonita Bellita

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
My absolute favorite part of the holidays is my family, I come from a large one. At Thanksgiving I go to my uncle's house and we all sit down to dinner together. On Christmas eve we bring tamales and menudo. Both occasions bring so much laughter and love.

What is your favorite gift to give at the holidays?
My favorite gift to give is never a specific item, but the thought behind it. I love to think about who I'm giving it too, what they like and don't like, and how much the other person means to me.

What is the current best selling item in your shop?
The current bestsellers in my shop are the Peacock Hairclip and the lace jewelry holder.

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