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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SHOP FEATURE - july 10th, 2012 - CatchingWaves

it's a great day - and we're so happy to have Karen from CatchingWaves as our featured shop today!  sit back and enjoy Karen's interview - then use her exclusive DDH discount code storewide for savings!

Origin of Shop: I've always liked making things. When my kids were little, I made dolls
and superhero costumes, and I loved exploring new crafts through the Waldorf school
they attended--woodcarving, felting, and candle-making. I often made handcrafted items
for Christmas gifts but then I wouldn’t do any more crafting the rest of the year. One
thing I discovered about myself is that I'm really motivated to create for others. When
I found Etsy, it opened a door for me to start pursuing crafts more seriously. Having an
audience makes a HUGE difference. (I would never make 76 necklaces for myself!)

Products: I make some needle-felted items--seascapes in driftwood frames-or sea
creatures (octopi!)--felted cuffs and necklaces. And I make jewelry. I've had tremendous
fun exploring all kinds of beads and materials—vintage glass, rustic gemstones, trade
beads, and more. Many of my items are inspired by my love of the ocean--so lots of
blues and greens in my shop.

Accomplishment: I was excited when I reached 100 listings. I'm close to 150 now and I'd
like to get to 200 but I think that's big enough for me.

Challenge: Just being seen! I have been working on my photos lately and my item titles,
to try to make them more effective for google searches. Learning how to market your
items effectively in such a vast marketplace takes time and effort, and I'm definitely still

Tip: Connect with other crafters--on Etsy, join teams and participate. Don't be afraid to
ask others for advice. I’ve had some wonderful support and practical advice from other
Etsy artisans, including “Get a better camera!” (Definitely helped!)

Latest Project: Lately I’ve been learning to antique metals and trying out metal paints and
gilder’s paste. I have some pretty dramatic, vintage brass snake pendants I antiqued that
I’m about to list. I really like how they turned out.

Favorite Crafty place/source: I like Happy Mango Beads for their ethnic and trade beads
( and their frequent sales. But I also shop on etsy a lot,
especially for vintage items.

thanks so much, Karen!  we're so thrilled to have you in our spotlight!  DDH subscribers - you can use the code DDH20 for 20% off shop-wide, valid until July 21st, 2012!!!!

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  1. The felted works are especially fantastic! I LOVE them!!!