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Monday, July 9, 2012

SHOP FEATURE - july 9th, 2012 - JulieEllynDesigns

i am so honored to be posting this lovely feature on Julie from JulieEllynDesigns!  not only is she the driving force behind the Daily Dose, but her creations are also out of this world! enjoy the interview and the fantastic discount code - only for DDH enthusiasts!
What made you decide to start your shop?
I started making jewelry after I had so much trouble finding the perfect necklace and earrings for my wedding and gifts for my bridesmaids. After attending a gem and jewelry show I had custom necklaces and earrings made for my friends and they were a big hit! I realized that jewelry making was something I really wanted to try! Here I am today!

What type of products do you sell?
Yummy gemstone jewelry and fun beaded wrap bracelets.

What is your favorite shop accomplishment so far?
Hitting 1000 sales!! It was a long road, but I made it! The best part is that I keep on setting bigger goals for my shop and my designs.

What is your biggest challenge as an Etsy/online seller?
There are a lot of jewelry designers on Etsy. I try to stand out by staying up to speed with styles and keeping my price range reasonable. With the major down turn of the economy over the last two years, I retired a lot of my gemstone designs for more affordable simple sterling pieces. Now that things are looking up, I have brought back my gemstones with full force!

What is the top selling item in your shop?
It used to be the Cameron Earrings, but my new gemstone wrap bracelets are the most recent hit. Thank goodness b/c I love to make them!

Do you have a tip for others selling in the handmade community?
Join Etsy Teams and be an ACTIVE member. My shop had a very slow start, until I joined a team (Etsy Tradeaholics). My “sales” grew from there as I traded wares with other fabulous shops. Each trade event brought more attention to my shop and other sales began to trickle in.

What are you currently working on/newest project?
I am excited to announce that I have the opportunity to showcase my designs at the upcoming Prime Time Emmy Awards Gift Lounge this September. Of course the pieces are due much earlier so I have all of my gems grouped around me trying to figure out what to make! I am so nervous!!!!

Favorite blog!
Of course the Daily Dose of Handmade...but I am biased ;) I also love the Hot Glue Hangover. Not only for it's name but the great posts and tips.

thank you so much, Julie!  and now, without further ado... Julie's fantastic discount for the DDH!
Buy 1 item - Save 25% (coupon code JULY1)
Buy 2 items - Save 35% (coupon code JULY2)
Buy 3 items - Save 45% (coupon code JULY3)
**for listed items only, no custom orders**
***Discount ends July 14th***


  1. Fun interview! I love those wrap bracelets! I do love gemstones, so I'm glad she is re-introducing them to her shop :)

  2. Thanks for the very interesting interview!! I so enjoy getting a bit of a glimpse into the thoughts and efforts of fellow Etsians :) What a fantastic sale! Wish I wasn't so broke...