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Monday, July 2, 2012

SHOP FEATURE - july 2nd, 2012 - TheLollipopLabelShop

we are thrilled to be featuring Marci from TheLollipopLabelShop in our spotlight today!  here is a peek into Marci's shop ... and don't forget her discount code, just for the Daily Dose!

What made you decide to start your shop?
We ordered labels from another company that weren't very cute for our son when he was born. When we saw the final product, we knew we could do better. After some research, we found the best materials we could find and made our labels as cute as we could!

What type of products do you sell?
We sell dishwasher safe labels, waterproof removable labels, iron on labels, laundry care tag labels, shoe labels, luggage tags, onesie stickers, and pregnancy bump stickers.

What is your favorite shop accomplishment so far?
Last year we had a huge sale during the back to school rush. We were printing labels almost 18 hours a day, but we managed to get all of our orders out! It felt great to have a huge success so early on.

What is your biggest challenge as an Etsy/online seller?
We send a proof to every single customer so they can see it and make changes if they don't like the options they picked initially. Sometimes our emails go to SPAM folders. We remind our customers to check, but a lot of times they think we haven't sent the email yet. We try to send a follow up through Etsy after a week, which seems to take care of most of it.

What is the top selling item(s) in your shop?
Our 4 top sellers:

Do you have a tip for others selling in the online community?
Have a lot of options and market them well. SEO really kicked it off for us. Learn about Etsy and Google's SEO formulas and apply them to your listings. Find out what your customers are searching for, what they like, and what they don't like. We experimented at first and discovered what our customers are looking for. We try to cater more to their wants.

What are you currently working on/newest project?
We have recently started making our pregnancy bump stickers and our luggage tags. We are working on new designs for our example listings.

Do you have a favorite crafty/handmade blog/shop/resource that you go to often, if so what is it?
My favorite go to blog is Homemadeology.

Thank you so much, Marci - for being today's featured shop and for have such a wonderful shop!  DDH subscribers can enjoy a storewide discount of 15% off using the code ʺDAILYDOSEʺ.  (Expires 7/31/2012)

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